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 Bounty Killa upset at cops pulling plug on festival

BOUNTY Killer was left cross and angry after members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force pulled the plug on the St Thomas Jerk Festival before he was able to take the stage.

The event — which was held on Sunday night, July 31 — saw the police arriving shortly after midnight to end to the show.

In a widely circulated video, Bounty Killer is seen being accosted by lawmen as he attempted to go on stage to address his hundreds of screaming fans.

Eventually, he made it on stage and implored the cops to be more considerate.

"Big up di people a St Thomas. Di people dem weh love wi. Wi nah disrespect di pattan, but Police, be considerate! Tomorrow is a public holiday! Don't try fight di people dem! Defend dem and support dem! Dat mi ah tell unuh up yah! Yuh si how di crime rate wicked inna Jamaica? Unuh fi mek wi work togedda. Stop gwaan like unuh waan be wi enemy!" he said, as the cheered railed in agreement.

"When unuh see di people dem a try sumn positive, support it. Dat mi tell unuh. Di last time unuh try lock mi up yah fi badwud, enuh. Unuh fi guh weh!" he said, before storming off the stage. 


                     Capelton Show " St. Mary" set to return

Capleton in performance at Thursday Night Live's 'Acoustic Inna Di City', held at The Cove on Winchester Road in St Andrew.

"It is very important, because giving and sharing is the act of God and me is a humanitarian. I love to give back to schools and hospitals, reform centres and community centres … I keep back-to-school [treats] in St Ann, St Mary, even in Kingston," he said.

On Tuesday Capleton escaped serious injury when the Mercedes-Benz SUV he was travelling in "hit a stump" and overturned along the Llandewey road in St Thomas. The vehicle was reportedly totalled.

He was returning from a charity show in Cedar Valley, St Thomas, and was with relatives at the time of the accident. Sizzla Kalonji also performed on the show.

A St Mary Mi Come From was first held in 2000 at Clement's Park in the parish. Capleton said it was his way of giving back to the parish of his birth. Its last staging was 2018.

That staging, held at the National Stadium in St Andrew, was cut short by cops who pulled the plug after the event went past its 2:00 am cut-off time, in keeping with the stipulations of the Noise Abatement Act. The event also suffered from poor patronage.

Capleton, whose given name is Clifton Bailey, exploded out of St Mary in the late 1980s with hard-hitting dancehall songs like No Lotion Man and Red.

A decade later, his life and music became more spiritual after he embraced Rastafari. Since then he has become known for anthems such as Raggy Road, Tour, Wings of The Morning, and Jah Jah City.

       Miss Jamaica Queen passion unemployment

Velonique Bowen, Miss Jamaica Festival Queen 2022, will use her reign to address unemployment among youth.

"My project, which I call my passion project — the Youth Opportunities Accessibility Programme — will tackle unemployment as a nation. Unemployment is closely linked to society ills such as crime, mental issues and domestic violence. I'll be visiting every parish to host sessions with experts to train youngsters on how to do cover letters, interview etiquette and also about emotional intelligence, branding and marketing. Holistic development is needed. In many instances, it is easy to get hired, but many youths can't keep the job because they have inadequate soft skills and emotional intelligence." very expressive."

                       Independence Collection

Independence Day is, among other things, an opportunity to gather with family and friends to celebrate love for Jamaica. But with this patriotic holiday comes what can be a fashion lover's biggest nightmare: the idea of being limited to a specific colour palette. Not sure how to manoeuvre this? No worries; Tuesday Style Fashion (TSF), with the help of fashion designer Tamia Carey Francis, is here to show you how!

Rounding up a few ensembles from her eponymous clothing line for an Independence Day collection, Carey-Francis shared, "2022 is a significant year in Jamaica's history and political development. It marks the 60th anniversary of our Independence. Our journey thus far has been marked by struggles and challenges, but being the indomitable and resilient people we are, we have risen to be a force to be reckoned with. According to the adage 'We lickle but we tallawah,' and milestones such as the ones we now observe, [these] deserve to be celebrated. My stylish and sophisticated yet easy-breezy collection, aptly labelled Born Free, was created with the fun-loving divas in mind."

On another note, celebrating freedom also means liberating oneself from cliché. So, getting ready for an Independence Day fête, dinner or the National Grand Gala, which returns this year, doesn't mean draping yourself in the colours of the Jamaican flag.